About Me

I have enjoyed a rewarding eight years teaching in private and public schools in a variety of elementary grades. Through collaborative team planning, I am energized by developing an appropriate path of instruction, for students to become proficient at meeting standards and excelling beyond them. I have found great joy providing innovative differentiated resources to be utilized by my grade level team. I look forward to bringing new ideas to you.

I took a break from the classroom to spend time with my young children and get a master’s degree from John’s Hopkins University. During that time, I served as President of St. George Greek Preschool, a volunteer organization with paid staff.  I lead the board and supported the school director in transforming a part time language immersion preschool with twenty students to a full-time preschool and tripling enrollment. A key aspect of this leadership position was building strong partnerships with the larger St. George parish stakeholders to develop new plans for shared space as the preschool expanded.

Having purpose in what I do is very important to me. Positively impacting children every day is beyond satisfying. I look forward to becoming part of your team!


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