My Family

We are a family of five.  

My husband, Ike, is a CPA with Citron Copperman who enjoys coaching basketball, playing golf and volunteering.

Our son, Constantine, is 9 years old and going into fourth grade.  Constantine is full of energy and always eager to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen.  He enjoys being an avid sports fan and athlete. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer and baseball.  He cheers for the Redskins, Orioles, Wizards and Capitals.  

Our daughter, Katina, is 7 years old and going into second grade.  She is a quiet student who takes a lot of pride in her work and her behavior.  This school year she earned the “Character’s Count” award for the first grade girls.  She enjoys expressing herself artistically.  She enjoys playing basketball and soccer.

Our youngest daughter, Ellianna is 5 years old and excited to enter Kindergarten.  She is very extroverted.  She enjoys singing, dancing and karate.  She loves making drawings and paintings that tell a story.  She is eagerly waiting to finally lose a baby tooth. Consider yourself warned, she is very good at practical jokes.  

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